Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines

Required Documents

  1. School Reports/Records in English for the most recent two years (translated if needed), including the current year if available, and/or any other relevant documents or teacher recommendation letters (scanned originals or photocopies)
  2. Application Fee (non-refundable) of RMB 2,500 yuan
  3. One Passport-Style Photo for each child and parent (JPEG electronic version)
  4. Identification Documents of both the child and the parent(s)/guardian (high quality scanned originals)

The following Identification documents must be submitted in order to qualify for enrollment:

Foreign Passport holders:

  • Passport
  • *Beijing Issued Foreign Resident Visa
  • *Work Permit (must be submitted within 90 days of starting school)

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Residents

  • Passport (Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau)
  • Permanent Residence Identity Card (Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau)
  • Mainland Travel Permit
  • **Beijing Employment Certificate (Proof of Employment)

Repatriate Families

These are families who have lived and worked abroad (outside the People’s Republic of China) for an extended period of time and who obtained permanent residency and/or whose children were born abroad.

  • Passport
  • ***Foreign Permanent Residency ID Card/Visa
  • Proof of Residence, for at least 12 months, in the country of which you hold Foreign Permanent Residency
  • **Beijing Employment Certificate (Proof of Employment)

*For families not yet living in Beijing, this document may be submitted within 90 days of starting school.

**The employment Certificate should have the company letterhead, be signed by the head of the Human Resource Department, stamped with the company chop, and include the employee’s name, date of birth, position, period of employment, registered company name, address, and telephone.

***Please contact admissions for specific criteria and requirements relating to Foreign Permanent Residency

Admissions staff meeting with parents
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