High Air Quality Standard

Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) provides a reliable Air Quality Index (AQI) to all students and staff within the school and closely implements the recommended procedures from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Throughout the school, including classrooms, corridors and large spaces such as the auditorium and gymnasium, PM 2.5 internal air purification systems have been installed. These systems have highly-effective filtration capabilities, which ensure a continuous supply of clean and fresh air in indoor areas.

The school nurse emails updates on external AQI levels to school staff four times a day. We follow our own school policy based on international guidelines for the limit or restriction of outdoor activity based on these AQI levels. In addition, we monitor the official government warning levels and have a communication procedure to ensure that all parents and staff are informed of school closure in the event of a Government Red Warning.

Kindergarten and Primary foyers are used as play areas when the Air Quality Index outside is high. The foyers are similar to small recreational areas with sports equipment, games and play zones for children. There is plenty of space to run around and play when pollution levels are beyond recommended safe levels.

The Supporting and Maintenance Division at YCIS Beijing regularly replaces the filters and cleans the air-ducts of the purifiers.

Air Aware posts automatic air quality updates on all major facilities located at campus. You can view these real-time readings via the YCIS Beijing Air Aware website or by scanning the QR code below:

Note: By saving this page to your WeChat favourites, you can have quick and easy access to on campus Air Aware readings from wherever you are!

YCIS outdoor area

Additional Measures

Aside from our built-in filters, we have installed other air quality initiatives at YCIS Beijing:

Windows – All windows throughout the school are high-quality, air-tight and wind pressure resistant windows manufactured by German company Schüco.

Doors – All external doors are air-tight, high insulation doors produced by German manufacturer Hörmann.

Air Curtains – Panasonic air curtains are installed at all external doors to further improve air quality, acting as additional barriers between indoors and outdoors.

Students running outside

The School in a Park

When pollution levels are safe, we take advantage of our fantastic location within Honglingjin Park. The park allows our teachers and students a lot of space for After-School Activities such as football and cross country in addition to regular Physical Education (PE) classes. However, the park is not only used for sports. With such easy access to the wonderful environment the park provides, students in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school years are able to go to the park for classes when deemed appropriate.

An example of such classes is within Kindergarten when the students are learning about autumn and the changing colour of the leaves. This topic provides one of many great opportunities for learning in action. For all visits to Honglingjin Park, students are always accompanied by their teachers and school security guards.

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