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At the end of their time at YCIS Beijing, our students disperse to almost every corner of the globe as they pursue further study and embark on impressive careers. We are pleased to be able to share stories from some of our recent YCIS Beijing alumni.


Helen Leung, Class of 2011

Helen achieved an outstanding 45 out of 45 in her IBDP at YCIS Beijing. This earned her a place to study her BA in Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, for which she was awarded First Class Honours, and an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. She is now based in the Middle East, working for a think tank that informs humanitarian operations in Syria.

“Yew Chung will always hold a special place in my heart because it instilled in me the knowledge, skills, and values to grow into the person that I am today. My secondary school years gave me the opportunity to explore my interests and challenge myself, such as in developing my critical thinking and leadership skills. I also enjoyed the academic rigor of the IB programme. Some extra-curricular activity highlights include starting the Global Issues Club, participating in the GYLC and Model UN conferences, as well as launching the UNIT-E Magazine in Beijing! I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity learn and grow in Yew Chung.

“Based in the Middle East, I currently lead a team of Syrians to conduct humanitarian assessments and programme evaluation for governments, the UN and NGOs to inform humanitarian operations and policies in Syria.”


Russell Ng, Class of 2015

Russell Ng graduated from YCIS Beijing in 2015 with 41 points in the IBDP. This set him in good stead for his university degree of History, Politics and Economics at University College London.

“I would not be who I am today if not for YCIS Beijing.“

“Throughout my time, the very many caring teachers nurtured my interest in Economics, Politics and Performing Arts. From my first day at the school, I was introduced to Model United Nations, speech and debate, as well as musical theatre. Over time, I was given the opportunity to play lead roles in many musicals, volunteer for many causes I am passionate about, and even serve as a leader of the Student Council. I also had the honour of representing the school as a student ambassador in many events and hosting four Global Community Days. This was all alongside an academically rigorous education, where the school pushed us to do our very best, ensuring we made the most of our education. I am still pursuing these interests today, and as I am looking to make an impact in the larger world, I am eternally grateful that YCIS Beijing set me on the right foot.”


Michelle Chung, Class of 2010

Michelle Chung achieved an outstanding 43 points in the IBDP and was admitted to Princeton University to read Chemistry. Since graduating, Michelle has been working at an e-commerce start-up as a Strategy Manager.

“When I look back at my time in Yew Chung, I am very thankful for the wonderful teachers who challenged me to do my best in my academics and also guided me in my extracurricular activities. I still remember the after-class lab sessions that fostered my interest in Chemistry and how challenging it was to play in the volleyball team. Some of the best times were spent giving back to the school, either by being a student leader and helping run the assemblies or volunteering at activity fairs. Without Yew Chung, I would’ve never been able to move on to studying at Princeton and start my career in helping companies figure out how to grow their business.”


Kate Durkin, Class of 2013

Kate Durkin graduated from YCIS Beijing with 41 points in the IBDP. She went on to study Political Science and Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, and is now enjoying a career as a Digital Optimisation Analyst.

“The four years I spent at YCIS Beijing were hugely rewarding and this was, without question, on account of the outstanding teachers. YCIS teachers saw potential in me as a timid Year 10 student and actively sought to provide opportunities that would help me flourish.

“Throughout the rest of my schooling, I made the most of another unfailing quality of YCIS teachers: their care to ensure not only that we could answer exam questions, but that we would develop as autonomous thinkers who are interested in the world. This ability to creatively think for myself, fostered in the classroom, has opened many doors – principally to a world-class university. In return, I hope that the annual summer barbeque I initiated during my stint as Student Council President continues to provide much happiness!”


Chong (Rock) Siu, Class of 2017

Rock’s 41 points in IBDP took him on to study Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He found that the opportunities afforded to him at YCIS Beijing continue to influence his academic interests as he completes his degree.

“As a university student right now, I have a distinct interest and passion in STEM related fields. This wasn’t clear to me until the final two years of my decade-long journey with YCIS. I think I was seen as more of a ‘musical’ kid than a ‘science’ kid in my early secondary school life. I was always part of the orchestra, moving gradually from ‘Violin 3’ to ‘Violin 1’, even taking IGCSE Music. However, being involved in Performing Arts exposed me to some more technical elements such as backstage management and light/sound control, which I found very interesting. I was also given the opportunity to co-ordinate light and sound for the school musicals.

“My interest in STEM grew through the Physics IB course. These interests also prompted me to start a spaceflight computer game (KSP) club in an attempt to promote the wonders of space exploration in YCIS! I was fortunate to be the first student at YCIS to complete the Computer Science course, which has allowed me to take some Year 2 Computer Science papers in my first year study in university. My interest in my subjects is owing to the rigours of the IBDP. But aside from academics, it was the Year 8 enrichment programme that led me to start rock climbing – a hobby that I continue to pursue today. I am grateful that YCIS provided me with so many opportunities and resources to help me find my interests in life.

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